What we do


Over the last 3 years, the Motsepe Foundation has committed 1 100 bursaries towards tertiary education in 21 universities in South Africa. The MF Foundation has pledged R100 million to be given over the course of 3 to 5 years, starting in 2013.

Development Forums

In 2016, the Motsepe Foundation hosted its fourth Development Forums National Workshop. The Workshop brings together the organization’s Development Forum members and traditional and religious leaders, who act as representatives of their communities in each province.


The Motsepe Foundation’s involvement in sport, music and the arts is driven by the belief that through these fields young people can escape social hardships that so commonly plague the youth in urban and rural areas alike.


The role played by traditional leaders in rural communities to ensure community development and growth is critical. The Motsepe Foundation works with rural communities through traditional leaders to fund programmes that are meaningful, innovative and will lead to self-sustainability. Through partnerships with government and traditional leaders, the Motsepe Foundation funds innovative ideas in agriculture and communities in rural areas to grow more food and become self-sustaining.


The Motsepe Foundation Women’s Unit was created in 2012 to support the Foundation’s effort in achieving its core objective of alleviating poverty, and improving the lives of the rural and marginalised communities. It is based on the fact that development challenges such as poverty, health, education, climate change or access to productive resources all have gendered dimensions, and disproportionally affect women and girls more than they affect their male counterparts.


The Motsepe Foundation is committed to playing its role in the prevention and treatment of diseases on the African continent. Over the years, many organisations have played a significant role in fighting deadly diseases like malaria, HIV and tuberculosis. The Motsepe Foundation recently made a significant contribution in the fight against Ebola, donating US$1 million (About R12m) to the Ebola fund in Guinea.


For the Children, the Motsepe Foundation has an annual toy distribution to spread the Christmas spirit of giving and sharing with children from all over the country.