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National Day Of Prayer

Motsepe Foundation And 33 Religious And Faith-based Organisations Announce The “2018 National Day Of Prayer For All South Africans”


In November 2017 the Motsepe Foundation and 33 Religious and Faith-based Organisations hosted the “2017 National Day of Prayer for All South Africans” which was very successful and attended by more than 100 000 people.

On the 25th of November 2018 at 8h00 thousands of people will once more assemble at the FNB Stadium for the “2018 National Day of Prayer for all South Africans” which will once again be hosted by the Motsepe Foundation and the 33 Religious and Faith-based Organisations whose names appear on the attached document (Annexure 1) and they will:

  • pray for the unity of all South Africans of all races and languages;
  • pray for an end to poverty, corruption and crime, particularly crimes against women and children;
  • pray for the creation of jobs, equality of opportunities and the provision of quality education and skills;
  • pray for the current land reform discussions to result in land being made available for black people living in the rural and urban areas and to their communities and for a successful and secure future for black and white farmers;
  • pray for peaceful, fair and just elections in 2019;
  • pray for God’s guidance, leadership and blessings for a bright future for all South Africans.

Each of the Religious and Faith-based Organisations may expand or add to the above prayers when they lead the congregation in prayer at the FNB Stadium.
The “2018 National Day of Prayer for All South Africans” will take place:
Date : 25 November 2018
Time : 08H00
Venue : FNB Stadium

The “2018 National Day of Prayer for All South Africans” will also, as was the case in 2017, be attended by prominent South African Kings and Traditional Leaders, representatives of the 33 Religious and Faith-based Organisations and their congregations, government and business leaders, representatives from the major political parties in South Africa, as well as representatives from trade union, non-governmental and community-based organisations.

Everybody is invited to attend the “2018 National Day of Prayer for All South Africans”.

For any questions and enquiries contact:
from the Motsepe Foundation:
Nebo Legoabe – 076 306 5625
Sizakele Thusi – 082 967 2313
Asanda Mathebula – 065 988 4261
Thulile Gama – 073 931 4842

your local Religious and Faith-based Organisation.