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ABC Motsepe Schools Eisteddfod and Traditional Music

  One of the strategic objectives of this school enrichment programme is to promote national reconciliation, a South African national identity, social transformation and cohesion among the school-going South African youth. The Motsepe Foundation began its involvement in the programme in 2016. For the first time, schools received prize money at a national level to…

Kay Motsepe Schools Football Cup

Few experiences better engage the youth than sport.  As part of the Motsepe Foundation’s objectives of improving the standard of living of South Africans, the program was established to positively contribute to the improvement of the learning and teaching environments in schools. In addition to fostering the development of the youth, the program gives students the…

ABC Motsepe League

2014 – 2018 the Motsepe Foundation granted a total of R40 000 000 (USD $3,3million )  towards the ABC Motsepe League and a further R45m for the next 5 years. Named after Dr Patrice Motsepe’s late father, the ABC Motsepe League is the current second division and overall third tier of South African football. The…

Kay Motsepe Schools Cup

The Motsepe Foundation has committed R117 000 000 (USD $9,5 million) over 10 years towards the Kay Motsepe Schools FOOTBALL, NETBALL and Eisteddfod NETBALL – 2017 a total of 84 000 learners from 5 600 schools, in 9 Provinces participated in the Kay Motsepe Schools Netball’ Cup Nationally Female children are often faced with many challenges…

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