Christmas With Our People – Concerts

Music has the ability to drive a spirit of nation-building. The Motsepe Foundation sponsors 5 Music concerts each year as part of our Christmas With Our People programme. These concerts are held across the country and are free entry for members of the public. The concerts provide the youth with aspirational entertainment. It brings their role models closer to them, thus creating that much-needed ambition to succeed like their heroes.

These concerts also support the local music industry by creating a world-class platform for the local artists to perform on, market their music and drive their commercial viability.

These concerts also contribute towards social cohesion and unity in communities throughout South Africa. Local artists are also given an opportunity to earn a living from their craft, and better engage with their community.

  • 20 upcoming artists received exposure in front of their home crowds
  • 18 established artists performed per concert
  • 195 500 people attended concerts in 4 Provinces in 2018
  • 12 000 Motsepe Foundation T-Shirts with a message to raise awareness of gender based violence were distributed
  • 8 National radio and 11 local radio stations covered the Concerts in the different areas.
  • 36 846 Social media reach before, during and after events.