The Motsepe Foundation Bursary Alumni

As part of its commitment to investing in the future of rural and urban communities throughout the country, the Motsepe Foundation has, over the past 5 years, committed more than 1800 bursaries to students who come from poor families and who wish to study STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) subjects, Business and the Arts at some of the most prestigious academic institutions throughout South Africa.

To ensure ongoing support to its bursary recipients, and to ease their transition from university to the workplace, the Motsepe Foundation launched the Bursary Alumni Forum. The Bursary Forum is a dedicated platform that will enable the Motsepe Foundation to engage in rich discussions with its bursary recipients, create networks, and facilitate skills transfer, mentorship and employment opportunities for them.

The Bursary Forum was officially launched at the first annual alumni ceremony, which was held July 2017, during which recent bursary graduates were presented with honorary certificates for their achievements.

The aim of the platform is also to help the Motsepe Foundation better understand the needs of its graduates and in that way improve its bursary programme.  There are currently 96 members of the Motsepe Foundation Bursary Alumni.